Living in a space that only contains things that spark JOY 

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What does your home say to you as you wander through each hallway and room?

Does this home reflect the “you” you strive to be?  Or the “you” who wants to change? 

What is your vision?

Let's make room for it  →


Recent Room For Peace Projects: 

Katie does very high level work. She helped my husband condense his hunting / fishing gear and purge items in his closet that he no longer wanted/needed. They worked quickly and efficiently and after a few hours our house seemed 1,000 pounds lighter. I was elated to have our hall closet back. Since then I have used her to organize my kids rooms and the pantry. What would take me days takes Katie just a few hours. I would recommend her to everyone!! Money well spent.- Emily J
I love working with Katie at Room For Peace Organizing. One morning with her can totally overhaul and organize your most disorganized and junk filled space. She has helped me with my laundry room, kitchen, pantry, kids play room and children’s bedrooms. Usually one or two mornings a month to get each space organized. She is responsive to e-mails, on time and friendly. She also helps you let go of the junk you are holding on to that will never use and is just cluttering your space. I highly recommend her services! - Steffi W.
Katie came in for just a few hours and transformed our space. I felt so much better once the clutter was gone, everything was organized and all items had a home. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels overwhelmed with a room and doesn’t know where to start! She’s fantastic!!- Whitney D.

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